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Foster kids to carry burdens for "religious freedom."

This week, the US Supreme Court once again ruled in favor of forcing Americans to fund religious organizations — and handed those organizations another special license to discriminate.

Under Fulton V. Philadelphia, the Court ruled that the city could not refuse a contract to a Catholic adoption agency — even after it violated anti-discrimination law by turning away prospective LGBTQ+ parents.

How did this happen, and how bad exactly is the impact? Read our legal team's analysis.

Defend Roe.

On June 27th, join a protest organized by Pro Choice With Heart happening in every state capitol across the country!

Right now the Supreme Court is debating Roe v. Wade: the only protection women have to control their own bodies. Join this action to show national support for the decision and affirm equal rights for women!

Find more details on Facebook here and add it to your calendar!


This weekend we observed a Federal holiday commemorating Juneteenth: the 1865 announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation in Galveston, TX.

We recognize the historic symbolism of the proclamation and hope everyone enjoyed a joyous and peaceful celebration. We must also feel an obligation to amplify concerns by Black leaders warning against the performative commodification of this day. For perspective, we thought you might find this editorial by anti-racism expert Leslie Mac enlightening.


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