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Senators sympathized with nonreligious people this week.

Dear defenders of secular government,

Last week, Senate committee members heard HB2575. This bill is being pitched as an act of compassion for hospitalized people, particularly those at the end of life. Its 8 lines of text requires hospitals to facilitate visits from clergy members at any time of day. This benefits people in emotionally stressful circumstances... unless your beliefs don't include any "clergy."

At present, we oppose HB2575 for its privilege of faith groups. But we do support the spirit of the bill — alleviating the emotional burdens of hospitalized people. So we're asking Senators to make a simple amendment: replace the faith-based term "clergy" with terminology that includes nonreligious people (and anyone else without clergy).

Secular activists are already helping move key lawmakers on this. If enough people join in, we have an excellent opportunity make a law that all Arizonans can get behind — religious and nonreligious alike.

Contact your lawmakers with just a few clicks here and be part of the momentum.

Three other bills you can impact:

  • HB2648: the big "get out of jail free" bill for religious groups we've been warning you about. It passed committee last week, but you have control of how this bill is being discussed now. We can kill this bill, but only if we keep pushing. Be part of that push by contacting your Senators now.
  • SB1457: this bill perpetuates damaging myths about the reasons women have abortions, and inserts big government into private medical decisions. Request to Speak users can sign in as "AGAINST" this bill before it is heard again in committee March 17th.
  • SB1452: this bill expands the state's school voucher program, which funnels public money into private and religious schools. Request to Speak users can sign in as "AGAINST" this bill before it is heard again in committee March 17th.

If you'd like to testify before the last two bills live, please reply to this email and we'll help you out.

In other news, over 70 people have signed up for Monday's virtual Secular Day at the Capitol! Many are set to meet with key lawmakers about the bills above!

This has been a difficult year us all in so many ways. But as you can see from all this: coming together to make our voices heard can make a big impact. Seriously.

Thank you for being together for secular government, no matter how tough things get!

-Tory Roberg,

Director of Government Affairs, Secular AZ


Secular Coalition for Arizona | PO Box 19258, Phoenix, AZ 85005

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