What's your favorite secular invocation?

Since 2010, Secular AZ has worked to bring secular invocations to the Legislature in lieu of the religious prayers that usually start floor sessions. We've seen success and lots of controversy!

We rounded up the most notable invocations from AZ and around the U.S. Vote for your faves and support us at the same time!


A double-shot of Secular AZ voices in the media.

New Secular AZ Board Member Sami Al-Asady was featured heavily in an Arizona Republic article this week analyzing Gen-Z’s relationship with religion.  And our Legal Director Dianne Post was published in the national publication Ms. Magazine, where she helped dissect Christian nationalism as a movement.

We’re proud of both these dedicated activists and what they had to say.

Read the Arizona Republic piece here and the Ms. Magazine article here (and make sure to share with your friends!)

A double shot of wins for secular all Arizonans.

Late Tuesday, a Federal judge blocked Arizona’s latest big attempt to restrict abortion, mere hours before it was set to take effect! The sections blocked from bill SB1457 — which you helped us fight in the legislature — would have banned abortions for reasons of genetic abnormality.

We’re also thrilled by the success of activists around the state who collected enough signatures to put the anti-education flat tax on the ballot! Over a billion dollars in education funding will now be decided by voters in November 2022. A deep thanks to all the Secular AZ constituents who pitched into the effort.

Read more about the SB1457 development here and the education funding initiative here.


Next Wednesday, 6pm: Federal legislation makes the biggest headlines, but state policy often plays a larger role in our lives. American Atheists was very active in legislative advocacy in Arizona during the 2021 session. For our newest Secular Speaker Series talk, they will look back at the efforts of this year and look ahead to what we can expect in Arizona in 2022 and how citizens can make their voices heard.


Thank you for standing up for secular government!


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