What's going on with some of this year's worst bills?

As predicted, the brutality of the 2021 legislative session has led to a plethora of lawsuits against the many unconstitutional bills attacking voting rights, reproductive rights, education, and public health. You, the taxpayer, will be paying the bill for the lawyers the state hires to defend these unconstitutional laws and the lawyers who will fight to overturn them. So we figured you might want to know what's happening with those that are facing legal and grassroots challenges right now!

Secular AZ Legal Direct Dianne Post has a roundup on our blog.

Constituents' letters printed in Casa Grande

Last week, Secular AZ constituents Ralph Atchue and Deborah Broome each individually contacted us to share letters to the editor they had published in their local newspapers. The topics: prayer at government meetings and the purpose of the 1st amendment. We're excited to see secular voices getting noticed and proud to reprint their letters!

There's still time to vote for your favorite Secular Invocation!

Remember the time openly-atheist State Senator Juan Mendez (D-26) created controversy by delivering a legislative invocation that didn't mention a "higher power"? We sure do!

That invocation is one of several we've cultivated in our all-time most notable invocations playlist. We're asking supporters to chip in to our fundraiser and vote for their favorite today!


Thank you for supporting secular government!


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