In Arizona LD-22, all State Senate candidates are write-ins.

Votes won’t count for the only candidate on the ballot, Rep. Diego Espinoza, as Espinoza resigned the race to take a job at Salt River Project.

This leaves nine candidates vying for the open seat as a write-in—meaning their names won't actually appear.

Voters will have to physically write their desired candidate's name on the ballot if they want it to count. The choices are detailed in this Arizona Republic article, where the paper published a survey of candidates’ views.

Eva Diaz (D) was the only candidate in this survey to spotlight a separation of church and state issue as her top legislative priority. Diaz railed against abortion bans and took the hardest stance against school vouchers (whereas Independent candidate Stehen Diehl supported vouchers and Democrat Kenya Raymond called the voucher expansion “a great start”).

Diaz’s website also notably carriers the endorsement of openly atheist Democratic party leader Sen. Juan Mendez, whose name appears among Democratic party heavy hitters such as Kathy Hoffman.

Secular AZ does not endorse candidates, however this information may be important to voters in the Tolleson area for whom secular issues are top priority, as well as those looking for strategic candidates to support statewide.

(We’ve added this information to our voter guide here.)


FRIDAY: What propositions are on the ballot?

Our special guest on Friday 11/4 Pinny Sheoran, President of League of Women Voters of Arizona. She'll discuss the propositions on the 2022 ballot.

Important election deadlines

Oct. 28: Deadline to request a new or replacement mail ballot.

Nov. 1: Recommended deadline to mail back early ballots, which must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day to count.

Nov. 8: Election Day.

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