More experts are weighing in during our Secular Summit!

Our list of powerhouse speakers for our big virtual event on Dec. 11th just got more powerful. In addition to keynote speaker Rep. Jamie Raskin, we are thrilled to add to our lineup:
  • Lindsay Love: Governing Board Member for Chandler Unified School District
  • Dr. Deshawn Taylor: OB/GYN and reproductive rights champion
  • Dr. Atsuko Koyoma: abortion provider and fellow with Physicians for Reproductive Health
  • Professor Elizabeth Sepper: nationally-recognized scholar of religious liberty and health law
The three doctors and Prof. Sepper will be part of an in-depth panel on religious refusals, and Ms. Love will join us for remarks on how Christian nationalism is impacting education in Arizona.
Each panelist has intense first-hand experience with their subject, and has featured in statewide and national media. Don't miss it!

Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote about a culture in which women fleeing men’s violence are chased by helicopters and netted like wild animals. The "bounty hunting" provision of Texas' SB8 threatens to bring a version of this cautionary tale to life — and it's Texas' big gambit to circumvent the Constitution. Our Legal Director Dianne Post explains how.

The Nov. 3rd 2021 Pinal County Board of Supervisors meeting opened (as usual) with a very religious prayer. The person delivering the invocation asked those in attendance to bow their heads and pray in Jesus' name because we were living in the time of the Rapture. During public comments, two constituents independently ripped into County Supervisors for allowing this divisive practice and made unique cases for an alternative! We captured video of the speakers, who made arguments that abolishing legislative prayer serves the best interests of the religious and nonreligious alike! We applaud and thank both of them for taking a stand!


Thank you for supporting secular government!


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