Counting of ballots for the 2022 midterms will continue into next week—part of the state’s typical process as recorders tabulate early ballots dropped off on election night.

No winners have been called in most major races yet, and many are too close to call—including legislative races where the GOP's stranglehold appears only razor thin.

But regardless the outcome, voters have already sent a clear message: Christian nationalism far from represents an overwhelming majority of the state’s people. In fact, supporters of separation of church and state have taken the lead in races for Governor, Secretary of State, Superintendent, and many school boards.


Modern Calls for "Holy War"

Friday, Nov. 18th, 12p, we'll hear from Dr. Thomas Lecaque, associate professor of history at Grand View University and member of Laboratiore d’etudes sur les Monotheismes, who’ll discuss  “Holy War and the Far Right: Crusading Rhetoric in Contemporary America

The rhetoric of holy war is meant to be a relic of the Medieval Past. We don't expect it in the American mainstream, but it's alive and well in the far right. This talk will look at prominent examples–memes, the Catholic Identity Conference, and examples in our military–as a window into a broader phenomenon.

Save the date: Dec. 10th!

Save the date! This year’s Secular Summit is virtual.

Our speakers include:

  • Dr. Carmen Celestini, instructor at the University of Waterloo’s  Religious Studies Department and fellow with the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism.
  • Gloria Beth Amodeo, author of God’s Ex-Girlfriend
  • Stephanie Kemmer, Center for Skeptical Inquiry researcher
  • Nick Carmody, Psy.D and JD
  • Luciano Gonzalez-Vega, journalist, administrator for the Secular Latino Alliance, board member of the Hispanic American Freethinkers
  • Bruce Gerencser, ex-evangelical minister and outspoken atheist

Check this space for more details about speakers and schedules in coming days.

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