The Secular Summit is now open to non-members!

We're amazingly proud of the list of speakers and awardees we've assembled for our big December 11th event. So we're opening it up to everyone, not just members!
Last week, we announced we added a panel on religious refusals to the event, featuring Dr. Atsuko Koyoma, Dr. DeShawn Taylor, and Prof. Elizabeth Sepper. This week, we're revealing that we'll be recognizing secular activists for their work — and the recipient of our Secular Champion award will be the Reason Riders Atheist Motorcycle Association!
This is a unique group that did a great job representing the nonreligious community and fighting against misinformation this year. Find out how by registering now!

Volunteer Opportunities

Secular AZ liaised group Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix has a growing volunteer program helping alleviate food insecurity and  other challenges facing people in need! They have three big service initiatives coming up for the holidays, and they're asking for all hands on deck to help!

Here's what you can do:

  1. Schedule an appointment to give blood to the Red Cross on Nov. 21st.
  2. Chip in to their campaign to buy 100 turkeys for struggling families
  3. Volunteer with them at St. Mary's Food Bank on Nov. 23rd!

Click on the links above for all the details on their Facebook page!

Testing FERA

A case about religious freedom has been flying under the radar of the press that will test the limits of Arizona's Free Exercise of Religion Act (FERA) — in this case, whether incarcerated people are entitled to protections under it.

Crespin v. The State of AZ was appealed in the 9th Circuit in April and a decision is expcted in the coming months.

Secular AZ legal volunteer and Board Member Keirsten Anderson has provided us an overview of the case.


Thank you for supporting secular government!


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