Help us recognize AZ's top defenders of secular government!

After each legislative session, we score sitting legislators based on their actions to defend secular government. The top performers are awarded the Secular Star to recognize and encourage their work. This year the awardees will be recognized during the Dec. 11th Secular Summit, and today we’re thrilled to announce the winners are: Representatives Athena Salman, Melody Hernandez, Raquel Terán, and Senators Rosanna Gabaldon, Juan Mendez, Lela Alston, Jamiscita Peshlakai, and Martin Quezada!

This rounds out a day when we’ll also be recognizing activist group Reason Riders, hosting a panel of renowned experts on religious refusals, and getting a keynote address from US Rep. Jamie Raskin!

We can’t pull off a big day like this without you! This year’s Summit is free to all, but we're hoping we can count on supporters to make an early Giving Tuesday gift and become a Secular Summit sponsor by chipping in $100 or more toward the event.


Learn How to Talk to a Science Denier

The fight against science denial is most effectively waged not by flinging facts but through face-to-face respectful engagement, where trust can be built. Recent empirical and practical evidence has shown that even hard-core deniers can be coaxed to change their beliefs, if approached in the right way.
So how is it done? That's what Secular AZ liaisons Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix want you to find out!

Flat Tax is on the Ballot

This week we are celebrating that volunteers statewide have successfully referred the Governor’s anti-public school flat tax scheme to the November ballot. Voters will now have the chance to vote on the disastrous law, which threatens to gut $1 billion from public schools. We are deeply grateful to the thousands of citizens who worked through a scorching summer during the pandemic to make this happen.

Now the push begins to turn out the vote on the issue next November. Those looking to volunteer are encouraged to reach out to organizations Save Our Schools Arizona and Invest In AZ Now. If you get involved in organizing, let us know so we can amplify your efforts!


Thank you for supporting secular government!


Secular Coalition for Arizona | PO Box 19258, Phoenix, AZ 85005

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