Help Protect a Secular Holiday Display at the Capitol!

Our friends at Freedom from Religion Foundation have a long history of helping local secular groups counter Christian displays on government properties. Last year, a nativity banner was displayed on the AZ Capitol lawn. This year, FFRF’s local chapter wants to respond! Their plan is to display a banner like the one above for four days: December 21st-24th. Secular AZ is lending its support as a partner in the project.

We’re looking for volunteers to safeguard the banner. FFRF has put together a form where people can sign up for either morning or afternoon shifts. The banner will be dropped off in the morning and picked up at 4:00 pm. (Please email us if you can help with that too.)

For safety, we’re looking for two people in each time slot. Volunteers would sit in their car(s) in the parking lot across the street from the Senate lawn and simply call the Phoenix police if there is a problem.

We hope you can join us for this action!

For God’s Sake, Keep Religious Dogma Out of Public Schools

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) has introduced a resolution to the United States Senate, supported by 17 Senators, that would designate the week of October 3rd to 9th as “Religious Education Week.” This Senate resolution, if passed, would affirm the importance of religious education in the “civic and moral education of the people of the United States.”

The latest attempt to enshrine religion is the latest Christian nationalist attempt to change the history of America’s secular founding. Secular AZ Board Member Sami Al-Asady has dissected the bill and its ramifications on our blog.

Join Our Next Secular Speaker talk

For our next Secular Speaker Series talk, join Dr. Josephine Korchmaros as she discusses the work of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW) at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Korchmaros is Director of SIROW, and has developed, implemented, evaluated, and provided training and support for multiple grant-funded research projects of importance to underserved populations such as racial/sexual minorities, women/girls, and Native American populations. Her research has focused on treatment models; reduction of risk behaviors; addressing group-based (e.g., culture and gender identification) health disparities; and system and policy improvement in such areas as sexual health, substance use, and justice-involvement.

Learn about SIROW's many impactful projects which touch upon immigration, equality, LGBTQ+, healthcare, homelessness, sexual health, and STEM.

Thank you for helping to build a secular Arizona!


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