The FBI just busted a Fundamentalist LDS cult leader in Arizona accused of having 20 wives, several of whom were minors.

Authorities say that Samuel Rappylee Bateman tried to take his underage daughter as one such wife. One girl was allegedly married to him at nine years old. He is accused of trafficking and using “impressions of Heavenly Father’s will” to encourage followers—including minors—to engage in sexual acts.

The FBI also details other instances of alleged abuse, including times Bateman allegedly transported his young wives in a trailer, forcing them use a bucket and plastic bag as toilets. Meanwhile, prosecutors say Bateman possessed two Bentleys.

What holds women in situations like these and how can they escape? And why are so many cults based on the subjugation of women anyway?

These are just a few of the questions we’ll be asking panel of experts on cults and conspiracy theories tomorrow 11:30 – 1:30 during the virtual Secular Summit!

And tomorrow isn’t just about the damages inflicted by fringe groups. It’s a celebration of When Reason Prevails over them—and an opportunity to plan ahead as a movement for 2023!

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