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They blitzed Congress in person. Now their bills are blitzing the Legislature.

"MAGA" may be in recession in Washington, D.C., but the religious extremist movement that seeded the insurrection is in full bloom on the state level. Fringe right-wing lawmakers are trying to encode as much religious belief into law as possible while they still hold power in state legislatures.

In Arizona, this has meant an absolute bombardment of hard-right Christian nationalist bills. Many of these are aimed at women's reproductive rights. Others carve out insane legal exemptions for churches. Many threaten the public health, and nearly all violate our 1st Amendment rights.

We won't sugar coat it. This is the toughest year our secular movement has ever faced.

It also means our communications are going to look a little different.

Normally, we like to alert you to one or two bills at a time and explain the details. Instead, we're presenting you with the list of every urgent Christian nationalist bill in play, below.

We invite you to hold the line alongside us as we play defense against this all-out assault on secular government. The list of bills is long. But the good news is that speaking out about most of them just takes a few minutes!

Bills headed to the floor starting this week:

These bills have passed committee. Secular AZ opposes them all.

HB2648 — exempts super-spreader churches from shutdown orders. What you can do: contact your own legislators and the Governor. (You can do that easily through our action alert.)

SB1251 — sends millions to fake, unregulated religious clinics. What you can do: contact your own legislators. (See our action alert.)

SB1273 — expands the state's School Tuition Organization program, which funnels tax dollars to religious schools. What you can do: call or email your legislators directly.

SB1254 — promotes religious fake pregnancy centers and censors abortion providers. What you can do: call or email your legislators directly.

HB2725 — written by religious hate group Alliance Defending Freedom. Mandates only "male" or "female" gender selections on government documents. What you can do: call or email your legislators directly.

Don't have your legislators' contact info? Look it up here.

Bills headed to committee:

Bills must pass committees before they go to the floor. The best way to take action on these bills is to use the legislature's Request to Speak (RTS) system for public comments.

If you haven't activated an RTS account at the legislature, request it here. If you have an RTS account, you can sign in on the bills below in just a few minutes:



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