Senate Health committee heard HB2530 this week, a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” bill which would increase surveillance on pregnant people and lead to parents being removed from their children.

The bill would allow DCS to take tips from the public about whether someone is suspected of substance abuse while pregnant. DCS would ostensibly then refer them to substance abuse counseling. That sounds nice until you realize:

  • It heightens surveillance on pregnant people, recording them into a new state database, which could be misused to prosecute people for abortions
  • There are no protections in the bill keeping its victims from getting tied up in the criminal system
  • The bill does not define substance use, so DCS could remove a parent from their children for using a doctor-prescribed medication. (HB2530 is worded to sound like it doesn’t get child welfare involved, but it does.)
  • People of color are disproportionately tested for drugs in the welfare system and would bear more negative consequences than their white peers

See lawmakers' discussion here.

We’ll be blunt: HB2530 is a Republican bill is designed to get support from Democrats who don’t think very hard about it.

So we have to make sure they do.

Our 4/10 Day Near the Capitol is an opportunity to speak to legislators. If you register with enough notice, we can request a meeting with them for you.

You can also use the day to drop off letters at lawmakers’ offices and other actions.


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Religious Right Watch

  • Sen. Anthony Kern used his pulpit in Senate Judiciary Committee this week to blame gun deaths on a decline in Christianity. (See 2:45 here.)
  • Save Our Schools Arizona just caught an official from Department of Education teaching a private school how to game the voucher system—and increase tithes to churches. (See their TikTok here.)

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