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Ever been in a conversation where people were confused about the differences between the terms “atheist,” “humanist,” and “secular”—or what those terms even meant? You’re not alone! We want to clear up the confusion, so we’re assembling stories from our followers!

Sharing how you arrived at your identity and what its significance is the best way to help educate the public on these terms and help our work of keeping public policy free of religious preference. If you have just a minute, please take our name-optional survey here.

The Art of Women's Activism

Secular AZ Legal Director and perennial women’s rights activist Dianne Post (above) is one of the subjects captured by artist Suzanne Whitaker in a new exhibition that examines the role of women in shaping our country. Dianne is featured alongside such heroes as Abigail Adams, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and Gabby Giffords at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in downtown Phoenix until August 31.

We’re proud to know Dianne and benefit from her relentless passion. Learn more about the project in this video from Arizona Horizons and about Dianne’s inclusion on the project’s site here.



Women’s Bodies, Ducey’s Choice?

Governor Ducey just signed three bills violating constitutional principles: SB1164, banning abortion after 15 weeks; SB1165, prohibiting trans girls from sports; and SB1138, restricting gender transitions.

Prejudicing marginalized communities and perverting scientific findings to accord with religious beliefs is dangerous to the security of Arizona. Find out why state Republicans made the wrong call with these bills in an op-ed by Secular AZ board member Sami Al-Asady.


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