The Clerk at Peoria Unified School District’s governing board is still quoting scripture at public meetings.

Luckily, our Executive Director was on hand at the last meeting to lay down some brutal facts about how this harms kids:

You heard that right. 93% of the perpetrators of child sexual abuse claimed to be religious. With LGBTQ+ and nonreligious people being scapegoated as predators, it’s time to equip ourselves with these sorts of truths. That’s why our virtual speaker series next month will focus on religious hypocrisy about sexual abuse. (Join our first installment Friday May 5th.)

Make no mistake: when we organize on these issues, we make an impact. Take for example, Catalina Foothills High School district in Tucson, where residents say out-of-district political agents are pushing for discriminatory bathroom policies and policies to “out” trans kids to their parents. Nearly 100 people spoke at the last meeting about this—all in favor of trans students and their rights.

Parents from all walks of life are ready to speak out against “culture war” politics in our school boards. It’s time to educate ourselves on the truths Christian nationalists want to suppress, and to make ourselves as loud as possible about them.  

(Live in Peoria Unified School District? Take a stand against proselytizing using members’ contact info here and meeting schedule here.)


What Else Have We Been Up To?

  • We joined the National Coalition to End Child Marriage, prompted by Missouri Senator Mike Moon’s comments asserting that adults should be allowed to marry 12-year-olds.
  • We moderated and spoke on panels at the American Atheists National Conference, talking about school boards, school vouchers, and secular organizing.
  • Secular Day Near the Capitol was a hit! A big thanks to our guest speakers Andrew Seidel and drag performer Barbra Seville (above). Support these activists by buying Andrew’s new book and following Barbra for upcoming performances.

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