When we don’t show up at school board meetings, here is a taste of what school board members hear instead.

That’s all from one meeting. These comments weren’t connected to anything on the agenda. Some people speaking didn’t even live in the district. (One speaks at multiple school boards, another mentioned living in another county.)

Right wing propaganda factories are turning people like this out with pre-written talking points, and it’s creating the false impression most people in the district believe this crap.

Not a single person there spoke up against the racist, fascist, homophobic, transphobic stuff that got vomited up at the podium. Nobody dispelled the misinformation. Not because these people don’t exist in the district. It’s because they weren’t there.

We get it. Public testimony is scary. Sometimes we don’t know what to say. That’s why our friends at GLSEN are hosting free Testimony Workshops.

GLSEN’s work centers on LGBTQ+ rights, but you’ll come away knowing how to speak about any issue.

  • Covers the structure of a 2-minute testimony
  • Breaks down specific components of an impactful testimony
  • Logistics of testifying and steps to protect your safety and privacy after testifying

No more excuses. Let’s make ourselves known.



Our letter to Gov. Hobbs

On April 17th, Secular AZ joined a coalition of 19 other partners in signing a letter to Governor Katie Hobbs requesting vetoes of all legislation that targets LGBTQ+ youth and communities


Court protects church that shielded abuser, who’s protecting children?

Justice for children is hard to find. The LDS church shielded a sexual abuser for a decade in Cochise County. When sued, the church sought to escape responsibility by scurrying behind robes.


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