We’ve got just a few quick updates for you as we enter the weekend:

HB2507, the “religious freedom on steroids” bill, was supposed to have been heard on the Senate floor last week, but was held instead. We don’t know why yet, but supporters like you have sent 3,499 messages to lawmakers about this bill so far. We’d wager that’s part of the equation.

This bill could easily return next week, though. We need to keep up the pressure, letting lawmakers know that this bill will allow “religious freedom” to override nondiscrimination ordinances, laws protecting children, and more.

If you’ve already emailed your State Senator, you can keep up the momentum by sharing our form on social media, or by finding your Senator’s number here and giving them a follow-up call.

You can also get involved by volunteering with us at the Phoenix Rainbows Festival 4/30-5/1! We’re looking for people to help set up our table and talk to people about issues like HB2507 and separation of church and state overall. Join us for friendly conversations with like-minded people and take in some of the entertainment at this free event!

Sign up here.

Hope to see you there!

-The Secular AZ Team


Secular Coalition for Arizona | PO Box 19258, Phoenix, AZ 85005

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