This month, Peoria Unified School District in North Phoenix stood up for equality and voted 3-2 against a ban on letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice.

One of the Christian nationalist school board members that voted against this—Rebecca Hill—is throwing a temper tantrum, saying parents should pull their kids out of the district over the issue, and is voting against budget items that will fix out-of-date school facilities and pay school workers like bus drivers as revenge.

Fortunately, she’s vastly outnumbered by colleagues and parents who won’t put up with this. Here’s what the people had to say about it at the last meeting.

The next meeting is May 22nd. Contact info for board members can be found here. Let the rest of the board know you have their back.


WATCH: Anti-trans panic, explained

Remember the religious right’s "Satanic Panic" in the ‘80s? On the surface, it was ridiculous. But in retrospect, it was cultural backlash to the women's and civil rights movements.

It's happening again today in the form of "groomer panic." Only this time, Ozzy Osbourne tapes aren't the targets... rather, the hate, disinformation, and fear-mongering are aimed directly at LGBTQ and trans people. Ari Drennen, LGBTQ program director for Media Matters, told us more in this fascinating talk.


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