Rep. Walter Blackman just proclaimed 6/7 “Equal Opportunity for Life on Behalf of Unborn Black Babies Day”—accusing healthcare providers and supporters of reproductive freedom of racism due to high rates of abortion in the Black community.

Is there any truth to this claim?

We asked Chris Love, Chair of Planned Parenthood Advocates Arizona (top, right), who dissected these false claims at length. Her summation:

“What’s the group that has the lowest birth outcomes? That’s Black women. What is the group that has the largest gap when we talk about pay? That’s Black women. When we talk about poverty statistics and what group is destined and doomed to poverty because of all of the other systems and foundational racism we have in this country, that’s Black women. So if black folks are choosing to have abortions, it’s because our environment is inhospitable to having babies and raising them.

You can watch the whole video here.

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Budget stalemate continues

Not much has been happening at the Capitol. The majority party is divided over the state budget and the minority party is shut out of budget talks. The draft budget so far contains big expansions for private school vouchers, and $1.5 million to religious faux pregnancy clinics (mandated as part of a bill passed last year).

We’ll let you know about further developments that may require action.

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