Want to get ahead of Christian nationalists’ attempts to ban books and push religion in libraries? Getting on a library advisory board is a simple, effective way to safeguard separation of church and state in your community.  

Library advisory boards serve in advisory roles, providing information and making recommendations to city librarians, mayors, and city councils on matters of library-related public concern.

Across the country, Christian nationalists are seizing on library systems to try and restrict access to literature they don't like. But when sensible people are on these boards, they stand up against calls for censorship and keep these books on shelves.

Library board members can also help make sure religion isn’t pushed in public libraries, by making sure book purchases don’t favor one religion over others or no faith at all.

Every city and county will have different rules—some positions are appointed, some are elected. Google your city or county’s library advisory board to discover their methods and reach out if you need help.


Circus continues at west Valley school board

Last week, watched in awe as a Peoria Unified School Board Member used scripture to call for the death of all non-Christians and said “science doesn’t really change all that much.” 

This week, she doubled down on this claim. Also, a right wing activist yelled “almighty God” during the pledge, and the MAGA crowd once again opposed measures funding the district as retaliation for not discriminating against trans students.  

Secular activists were there to call board members out and speak to reason. Read all about it on our Substack, and attend the next meeting Thursday, June 8th.


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Substack is a quickly-growing alternative to the social media monopolies that rely on algorithms to decide what news you see… and we’re on it! We’ve already got deep-dive articles about religiosity at school board meetings and religious hypocrisy about “groomer” panic.


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