Important school board dates: Valley area

Christian nationalists have promised to “keep bringing this heat” at school board meetings. Public commenters are calling teachers and the LGBTQIA community “perverts,” “groomers,” and “indoctrinators.” People are talking about bathrooms and trans students, opposing bonds/overrides, “leftist” educators, book bans, “critical race theory”… you get the idea.

Here are all the ones coming up where your voice during public comments can make the most difference:

With all meetings, arrive early to take a seat from the opposition. Some meetings may require you make your request to speak before the meeting starts. Speak in support of separation of church and state, equality, and public education.

We're exploring ways to work with partners to train concerned citizens on getting more involved with their school boards — including helping them run for office. If you're interested, fill out the form here.


“Law, God, Attacks on Women”

The state of women’s rights today is pretty grim. One woman in Nebraska has gone to jail for self-aborting. Nineteen Republican attorneys general are seeking women’s medical records to ascertain if they sneaked out of state to have an abortion.  

But this isn’t exactly new: Treating women badly has a long legacy. Our Legal Director has a new Substack article about the international legacy of femicide and how women have historically gained, lost, and re-gained the right to participate in democracy.


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Board and Commission Openings at Governor's Office

The Governor’s office has posted a big list of current vacancies for boards and commissions, including ones that advise on African-American affairs, aging, education, behavioral health, civil rights, human trafficking, and more! Serving on official boards is an excellent opportunity to make an impact on the issues you care about the most. Click here to learn how to apply.


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