We heard a lot of disinformation at the last Paradise Valley Unified School District meeting, so let’s get a few things clear:

  1. Critical race theory isn’t taught in K-12 schools;
  2. Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) keeps kids safer and healthier
  3. Equity is a good thing
  4. AZ hovers between 48th and 49th in the U.S. on funding/spending per capita on K-12 education

These issues came up during a board meeting where members should have just been unanimously approving a mundane piece of business—partnering with a health care provider to offer mental health services for marginalized students.

Instead, the board heard an avalanche of conspiracy theorist rhetoric from the public—and from MAGA board member Sandra Christensen, who voted against the measure. 

Christensen is part of a wave of political actors that are pushed onto boards by extreme right groups seeking to dismantle public education. She votes the way she does because she doesn’t take the time to understand the items on which she is voting.

Good board members work collaboratively with administrators and staff. Newly elected MAGA members, however, act like they want to be the district’s superintendent. Their behavior is having a chilling effect across the state and across the country. This year, 24 superintendents have retired, resigned, or been fired by their boards.

But this is their goal: to dismantle our public schools from within. Whether it’s bringing lawsuits, voting against curriculum, harassing those who disagree on social media, or advocating for bigoted and discriminatory policies, the longer these board members sit on their boards, the more havoc they can wreak. 

Board members need to know there is more to their constituency than a few loud Christian nationalists.

Constituents in PVUSD can reach their school board members here. The next meeting is August 4th at 5pm. If you need help attending or speaking during comments,

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