Camp Verde not yielding to calls to censor LGBTQ literature

Camp Verde recently held two meetings where they discussed a proposal by Christian nationalists to censor LGBTQ literature in the town’s library. A fearmongering group on Facebook started the debate by demanding that LGBTQ literature in the town’s library be placed in a restricted section not accessible to youth. 34 “concerned citizens” claimed they want to protect children from “pornographic” materials… but 27 supporters of equality voiced support for the library, which is refusing to yield to religious bigotry.

Library supporters pointed out the highly impractical nature of the censorship demands, noting they are the wishes of a vocal minority trying to impose their ideology in libraries nationwide. One equality supporter even identified as Christian, and pointed out that the Bible itself contains many inappropriate and sexual stories.

The Town Council is doing the right thing so far by not taking any action. Former interim Town Manager Barbara Goodrich has made a statement that the Town is committed to free speech and diversity, and that the Town will not tolerate threats to its employees. 

Constituents can email council members here.

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Peoria Unified

  • County Superintendent Steve Watson is accepting public feedback about applicants to replace failed extremist Rebecca Hill on the board. Watson has promised to appoint a board member that's serious about public education, and we need to hold him to it! Secular AZ can’t endorse any applicants, but you can read applicant statements and weigh in at
  • A PUSD educator is suing the district over extended harassment received as the result of calls to support trans students. Many teachers and members of the press attended a rally and press conference (pictured above) to support the teacher the day before the last PUSD meeting.

Catalina Foothills Unified

A teacher at Catalina Foothills High School handed students a “getting to know you” form asking their preferred pronouns and whether or not they could be used in front of their parents. Parents have been showing up in large numbers to board meetings over this issue, and the district has claimed that they had received “multiple threats” prompting reports with the local sheriff and FBI.

Board members need to hear from the majority of parents that support equality. The next Governing Board meeting is Sept. 12th. 6:30PM at 3435 E. Sunrise Dr. Board member contact info can be found here.

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