Will your hospital place their dogma over your life?

The AMA has found that only 28% of the 646 Catholic hospitals registered in the Catholic Health Association’s directory specified how their religious affiliation affects patient care. 21% don't even disclose that they're religious. Many patients and even their doctors have no idea how their care is being restricted until it's too late. This is having dire impacts on people needing emergency treatment for reproductive ailments, sexual assault, and pregnancy complications.

Read what you need to ask your healthcare provider and why we must require hospitals to disclose their refusal policies.

Secular AZ welcomes new talent.

Our awesome new Board Members include:

  • A first-generation college student, civil liberties activist, and child of war refugees from Bosnia and Iraq
  • A second-year law student with a passion for advocating for marginalized communities
  • A Ph.D with over 30 years experience in academics, occupational therapy, healthcare accreditation, organizational leadership, and activism.

Read more and welcome these dedicated individuals to our team!

Last call for petitions!

There is less than a week left to sign and turn in petitions to protect $1 billion in public education funding. If you're carrying petitions about the tax scheme referendum, Invest In AZ Now needs them back ASAP! If you haven't signed one yet... what are you waiting for???

Find a signing/turn-in station by this weekend here.


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