This election cycle, we’ve been hosting forums with candidates for various school boards in Arizona (all available on our Youtube channel). We wanted to see whether candidates were willing to stand up for separation of church and state on the school board level, so we asked:  “What role (if any) should religion play in our public schools?”

Below, we’ve compiled the full responses answers from everyone who attended our forums for Peoria, Scottsdale, Catalina Foothills, Mesa, Marana, Paradise Valley, Flagstaff, Chandler, and Washington Unified School Districts.

(Spoiler alert: everyone who accepted our invitation expressed support for separation of church and state.)


Call to action: Prayer at the Corporation Commission

If you attend an open meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission, you may be rewarded with a Bible story, a scripture reading, a lesson in Christian theology, or even a call to help "make thy kingdom come."

Non-Christian views are never represented in like fashion.

Our legal department sent the ACC a letter asking that they cease these activities in July. They ignored it. Now it's up to you to put the pressure on Commissioners.

Read more.

Fixing the Framers' Failure: Part 3

Thursday, October 6, 6:30pm: speaker, author, and attorney Robert McWhirter continues his deep dive into the war of slavery, which started in America nearly two centuries before 1776.

In the latest installment of this series we're co-hosting with Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, Robert Focuses on the writing of the 14th Amendment, which granted citizenship and equal civil and legal rights to African Americans.

Register here to attend on Zoom, or join us in person at 627 W Rio Salado Pkwy in Mesa.

A Professor of History talks Christian Nationalism

Friday, October 7, 12pm: next in our next Friday Update series, we'll hear from Seth Cotlar, Ph.D., author and professor of history at Willamette University.

Professor Cotlar specializes in the history of the United States in the years between the American Revolution and the Civil War. His book - Tom Paine's America: The Rise and Fall of Trans-Atlantic Radicalism in the Early Republic - won the Best First Book Prize from the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic.

Register here.

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