Let's Talk about Christian Nationalism

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo.

Fulton v. Philadelphia.

Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson

Throughout the pandemic, the highest court of the land has been favoring extreme religious adherents over public health, LGBTQ+ people, and the Constitution’s Establishment Clause.

These developments are bringing fresh faces into the movement for secular government. Among them are new board members at Secular AZ. One of those members recently shared his analysis of what ties the above cases together, why that's brought him into our struggle, and what the situation demands of us all. Read more on our blog.

Not going back.

The Supreme Court's decision to let the draconian SB8 impacts pregnant people across the U.S., including here in Arizona.

Arizona already has laws banning abortion on the books, meaning that patients can be charged with criminal offenses if Roe v. Wade falls. 

We're renewing our vigor to fight these laws at the State Capitol. We're asking you to stand with us by chipping in to Secular AZ today, because we need to take your voice to the Capitol now more than ever.

Slam it.

There are less than four short weeks left remaining to stop $2 billion in tax cuts that will slash funding for AZ students, teachers, and schools. 

An army of volunteers — including Secular AZ constituents — are carrying petitions to put this issue on the ballot.

We're calling on all supporters to join them as part of Invest in AZ Now's September Signature Slam. Help by signing a petition ASAP — or better yet, carrying one of your own.

Click here for opportunities to take action, and let us know if we can help promote your efforts to collect signatures!


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