New Legislature. Same old religious conservative pandering.

On Monday, Governor Ducey ushered in the start of the 2022 Legislative Session with promises to continue using public education as a political punching bag. We're talking more vouchers for private and religious schools. More micromanaging by parents whipped up by Christian nationalist propaganda. And no mention of the $1.2 billion financial cliff public schools are facing this spring.

Secular AZ's Executive Director Jeanne Casteen has issued her response to the Governor's remarks, and has renewed calls for folks to get involved this year. Read more here.

TONIGHT: What we must do to save public schools.

Are you sick of Arizona ranking last in the nation for funding public schools? Tonight's Secular Speaker Series talk is a must-hear. Our guests come from Save Our Schools Arizona, a grassroots organization leading the charge to overturn Ducey's tax cuts and elect pro-education candidates across the ballot.

Donating banned books just got easier!

We want to take stacks of banned books with us to the Tucson Festival of Books in March. And now you can donate them with just a few mouse clicks! Check out our Amazon Wish list for a selection carefully cultivated titles you can have shipped straight to us!

Save the Date: Day at the Capitol is back on Pi Day!

We're returning live (and COVID-responsible) for our big day of advocacy March 14th! We'll talk one-on-one with legislators; rally outside the Capitol; and have exciting presentations from nationally-known experts! Look out in the coming days for the launch of our official registration page.


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