Call it a less "in your face" crackdown on civil rights.

Project Blitz is a concerted effort to inject religion into government. They want to not only lobby for legislation in accordance with their values, they want the entire legislative system to concur with their religious viewpoint.

These efforts were exposed in 2018 by national media publications and secular organizations, prompting Project Blitz to conceal their efforts. However, despite their current secrecy, bills spirited by the campaign have continuously hit legislatures like Arizona's.

These concerted attempts are destined to continue under the radar if the local and national media, along with secular organizations, do not act once again as they did in 2018.

Secular AZ's Sami Al-Asady has more on our latest blog entry.

Social Justice Beyond Introspection

Secular AZ liaisons Americans United for Separation of Church and State Greater Phoenix are hosting our Legal Director Dianne Post along with ASU professor Anne Schneider for a discussion on the next steps toward social justice: moving beyond introspection and the “shame and blame" game.

RSVP for this eye-opening talk happening Oct. 28th at 6pm via Zoom!

There's still time to vote for your favorite Secular Invocation!

We've been inviting you the last few weeks to vote for your favorite from a crop of notable invocations delivered in government bodies. So far the front-runner is the above secular Buddhist invocation from February 2019, delivered by Secular AZ community member Ron Russell (guest of Tucson Rep. Randy Friese).

But perhaps you're more moved by Robert Peoples' reflection on humanist principles? Or fired up by a prayer to the Norse gods in the city of Safford? Let us know by voting below!


Thank you for supporting secular government!


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