Could religious politics end with the stroke of a pen?

On January 31, 2019, British-Iraqi journalist Salam Sarhan wrote an opinion piece for The Independent calling for a new, international approach to prevent countries from using religion for political purposes. According to Sarhan, previous attempts to combat the political use of religion were too divisive and confrontational, enabling religious extremists to rally support by claiming their faith was being attacked. The article received significant support, leading to the launch of the International Treaty to Ban the Political Use of Religion

How does this treaty work and how viable is it? Secular AZ's legal team breaks it down.

Secular AZ @ Secular Humanist Jewish Circle

Secular AZ's Legal Department will be presenting on the state of religious politics at the Legislature and in the courts 1:00 PM, Sunday, August 15th for Secular Humanist Jewish Circle. Get caught up on what bills passed and what legal actions may be in the cards.

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Don't let Ducey ignore voters on public schools.

AZ voters are lining up all over the state to put Doug Ducey's anti-public school tax scheme to the voters. Save Our School Arizona and Invest In Arizona reported a successful Week of Action at the beginning of August, but this ball is just getting rolling. We need all hands on deck. Find a signing station or learn how to carry a petition yourself

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