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A double-whammy of major religious privilege bills is headed to the AZ Senate floor.

HB2648 — the "Trojan horse" bill placing religious organizations above the law — is finally moving to the Senate floor after passing committee earlier this month.

Same with HB2575 — which grants special hospital visitation rights to clergy, ignoring the needs of nonreligious people.

If you've been following us, you already know why these bills (especially HB2648) are so important.

The first bill gives religious organizations a “get out of jail free” card for a dangerous array of laws. And the second is an unconstitutional, uncompassionate encoding into law of religious privilege.

These bills are only a few steps away from becoming law. If they pass the Senate, they'll go back to the House for a revote on their amendments, and then the next stop is the Governor's desk. But the pressure you have been putting on lawmakers is mounting. There are two ways we can keep it up:

1. Send messages to your Senators and Governor Ducey with just a few clicks using our action alert.

2. Attend a webinar by civil rights groups taking a deeper look at HB2648 and similar bills across the country on March 30th, 1pm ET.

3. If you are a Request to Speak user who missed signing in on HB2648 this month, do so before it gets rubber-stamped in Senate Rules Monday.

A few more status updates...

SB1269 — the bill prohibiting local laws banning conversion therapy — passed committee this week. However, it was seriously damaged by overwhelmingly negative public outcry. Thanks again to you, this is yet another religious extremist bill now being discussed in a whole new light at the legislature. We're working behind the scenes on this one for now. We'll let you know when further action is needed.

SB1456, which places severe restrictions on sex education, has passed committee and will head to the House floor, likely next week.

SB1457, Arizona's very own fetal personhood bill, is in limbo following Rep. Regina Cobb's (R-5) announcement that she will not support it as written. You are partly to thank for this. It is still possible Rep. Cobb may change her mind if the bill is amended, though, so this bill is still high on our watch list.

SB1273, expanding the state's School Tuition Organization tax credit program (which funnels public money to religious schools) also recently passed committee and will proceed to the floor.

Your contacts with lawmakers are making a big impact on all these bills. Thank you for keeping up the pressure. More action will still be needed, but we'll let you know when we think the time is right. Stand by for more action alerts as soon as next week.

For more updates on the progress of important bills, check out Secular AZ's bill tracker here.


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