The religious right is trying to push two bills in the Legislature designed to appeal to moderates, but which push the same old Christian nationalist agenda:

  • HB2427: increasing penalties for people who perpetrate domestic violence on pregnant victims—upping mandatory minimum prison sentences from two to five years.
  • HB2312: banning transgender people from working in domestic violence shelters.

Don’t fall for the sentiment on HB2427. Arizona already has some of the longest sentences in the country for domestic violence charges. Lengthening them will do nothing to actually reduce assaults, but rather will feed the prison industrial complex while pushing Arizona further in the direction of fetal personhood.

Meanwhile, HB2312 is a discrimination bill, plain and simple, rooted in religious gender identity politics. Shelters are not asking for this bill.

If you are a Request to Speak (RTS) user, sign in against these bills (and/or request to testify in person) before HB2312 is heard in House HHS Committee on 1/23 and HB2427 is heard in House Judiciary 1/25.

If you haven’t used RTS before, check out the guide to the system and sign up for put together by our friends at Civic Engagement Beyond Voting’s here.

With Governor Hobbs’ veto pen at the ready, expect more of these “Trojan horse” bills from Christian nationalists—especially criminal justice bills. Educate yourself on how criminal justice issues intersect with the secular movement by joining a special series of our Friday updates starting 2/10. (Sign up here.)


Protest Sunday against anti-drag bills

Three state bills under consideration target drag performers, including:

  • SB1026, banning the state from using public money for performances that include drag (which would extend to school performances of plays like Rent)
  • SB1028, limiting adult cabaret performances and locations where they can be held
  • SB1030, a series of regulations on such matters as the hours of operation and facilities that can perform drag show

Join the protest on January 22nd 1pm at the Arizona State Capitol Lawns!

Learn about the Religious Exemption Accountability Project

Join us on Friday, January 27 at 12 PM MST to hear about the work of the Religious Exemption Accountability Project (REAP).

At many religious colleges and universities, LGBTQ+ students suffer discrimination, abuse, and hardship. REAP empowers queer, trans and non-binary students at more than 200 taxpayer-funded religious schools that actively discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Through civil rights litigation, storytelling, oral history, research and public policy, we work towards a world where LGBTQ students on all campuses are treated equally, with safety and respect.

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