Where is reason prevailing in Arizona?

Here are the big takeaways for our movement now that election results are in:

  1. While not winning every race, supporters of separation of church and state had a great showing at school boards. This is big for districts like Paradise Valley, where extremists spent enormous sums only to lose two out of three available seats.

The conservatives who were elected, however, represent a harder shift toward Christian nationalism. (See again Paradise Valley, where a hard-right candidate unseated a Save Our Schools-endorsed moderate Republican.)

Read the results in detail here.

School board advocacy will be more important now, as incoming pro-secular members are joining boards as a minority, or where there’s a tight split in the balance of power.

  1. Reason (mostly) prevailed for democracy on propositions. Proposition 128—which would have allowed legislators to override voters on ballot initiatives—was broadly rejected. Voters also hugely supported Proposition 211, requiring the disclosure of dark money in campaign spending.

On the down side, voters narrowly passed Props 129 (limiting the number of subjects on ballot initiatives) and 132 (requiring a 60% majority to pass laws raising taxes). These measures represent hindrances to passing such popular pro-secular policies like medical aid in dying and funding for public education.

  1. The game has changed at the Capitol. Arizona now has a secular-supporting governor. Christian nationalists (barely) held control of the Legislature—so while we won’t pass many reforms this year, Christian nationalists will be limited in the damage they can do.

We’re analyzing and celebrating these outcomes during the December 10th Secular Summit!

Our theme this year is “When Reason Prevails.” We’ll dive into the topic of escaping cultism—not only politically, but on an individual level. Guest speakers include ex-Evangelicals, experts on cult deprogramming, and more. You won’t want to miss it.

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Dr. Brad Onishi:Straight White American Jesus

December 2 @ 12:00 pm: Commentator, scholar, writer, teacher and co-host of the Straight White American Jesus podcast, Brad Onishi joins our weekly update. 

Brad seeks to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange by providing insight into life’s most fundamental questions. He speaks about topics related to the radical conservatism and extremist religions that shape our world, some of it right in our own neighborhoods. Details here. 

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