‘Tis the season for right-wingers to wallow in their persecution complex whenever a public entity acknowledges the existence of non-Christian beliefs!

Okay, in truth it’s kind of always that season, but you know what we mean. We’re talking about the “War On Christmas!”

This week’s “battlefront” involves a Fox News host persuading a town to put up trees by comparing Christmas to D-Day.

The whole thing got us doing a little digging into the legal history of Christmas, and we uncovered a couple gold legal briefs we really liked—”The War(s) on Christmas in the Law Books” and “Researching the Legal History of Santa Claus” by attorney Kurt X. Metzmeier.

They were chock full of interesting facts you might have fun tossing back across the dinner table with that one member of your family who really wants a political argument.

Did you know the Pilgrims criminalized Christmas? Or that government bodies used to meet on Christmas? Click to read more!


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They also have lots of fun including a raffle, donation drive, and silent auction.

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Couldn't join us for the full Secular Summit last week? We've got the whole thing up on our Youtube now!

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WATCH: Q-Anon and Christianity

What is it about the fringe conspiracy theory of Q-Anon that appeals to so many white Evangelical Christians? Dr. Mia Bloom—author of "Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of Qanon"— broke it down for us, and the full talk is now on Youtube.

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