The Legislature wants to be in everybody's bedroom, bathroom, and classroom. Now it wants to be in your school district buildings.

A “striker” amendment to HB2210 would allow school board members to go into district facilities after hours and essentially do whatever they want.

Extremists would use this bill to micro-manage day-to-day district affairs—for example, seeing if there are any fights they can pick over LGBTQ+ support or so-called “critical race theory.”

The privileges granted by HB2210 go far beyond a school board member’s job description—to partner with the superintendent and staff, not be their overlords. 20 Arizona superintendents have already been driven out of office this year because of this kind of overreach, and that is not normal.

HB2210 just passed Senate Committee and is headed to the floor.

What can you do?

  1. Come to Secular Day (near the Capitol) on Monday. Write letters to your legislators and deliver them while you're near the Capitol. We’ll also have meetings arranged for legislators in certain districts.
  2. Contact your State Legislator and urge them to vote no on HB2210.

Countering Book Challenges

Is somebody at your school or district trying to get a book banned? Fight back! has resources here to help you make a strong case—and help keep books available to everyone in libraries and classrooms.


Kids can't be forced to say the Pledge

We wish we didn’t have to keep updating this same op-ed every year, but lawmakers just can’t stop trying to impose group think on kids. Rep. Barbara Parker, R-Mesa, has introduced HB2523, requiring school children in grades 1-12 to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day. As recently featured in the AZ Capitol Times, here’s what's wrong with that.


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