Christian nationalists work real hard to find problems with boring stuff.

In Scottsdale Unified School District, a committee of professionals recommended a supplemental curriculum purchase that aligns with state standards, allowing kids to access online lessons about subjects like science, social studies, and biographies.

Sounds kind of boring, right? Should have been. But the board’s Christian nationalist conspiracy theorist contingent found a way to be angry about it!

One member was mad the program referenced 1st Amendment rights to strike, boycott, petition, and protest. She hated that health lessons promoted masking and social distancing when necessary, and that Pride was designated as a holiday. Another member had a problem with the inclusion of LGBTQ families in the curriculum.

Thankfully, three reasonable members of the board outvoted them and made statements calling out the bigotry.

But rumor has it that these pro-public education members — Julie Cieniawski,  Dr. Libby Hart-Wells, and Zach Lindsay — are considering not running for reelection next year

See why it’s important to encourage school board members that are doing a good job?

Read more about this meeting on our Substack and if you’re in Scottsdale, click the names above to send an email supporting the work these members are doing, and find meeting schedules here.


Biblegate continues

The inside scoop at the Capitol is that we can expect more drama Monday about whether Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton breached House ethics by hiding Bibles in the members’ lounge. (She didn’t.)

Here are the committee members you can contact to let know how you feel:


Ryan Thornell confirmed

Ryan Thornell, Gov. Katie Hobbs’ nominee to lead the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry, avoided contentious exchanges with white Christian nationalists and passed his confirmation hearing before a Senate committee Tuesday.

This is a major step forward in improving the conditions of Arizona’s carceral system.

Learn how this connects with our mission by listening to our talks on the Secular Case for Criminal Justice Reform—especially this one by a mother who discussed her son’s experiences in Arizona prison. She has updated us to say that her son, who was previously not receiving any kind of mental health care, has had his situation improve greatly since Hobbs took office.  


Powewerful talk: overcoming stereotypes

Michael Soto from OneCommunity appeared at a Peoria city district meeting and laid waste to myths about trans people and whether religious freedom gives one license to discriminate! Check out this powerful moment, one of the highlights of his talk.

Nonreligious do-gooder events!

Did you know liaised organization Humanists Society of Greater Phoenix hosts events helping the community? Ongoing activities include:

  • Circulating this Amazon Wishlist for Atheists Helping the Homeless Phoenix
  • Crocheting plastic bags into durable sleeping mats for people living outdoors
  • Blood drives
  • Secular addiction recovery meetings

Check out their full calendar here, or contact to get involved!


Bodily Autonomy Night w/ NARAL and Equality AZ

June 14 6pm: join an advocacy training to learn how to use Request to Speak, how to write letters and op/eds, and talking points about bodily autonomy and LGBT issues. Then stay to watch the documentary The Janes!

This 21+ event happens at Kobalt Bar downtown Phoenix. Pizza and snacks provided. Sign up here.

Upcoming events (in person!)

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