Looks like the pressure is getting to Heather Rooks and Rebecca Hill.

These two Christian nationalist school board members in Peoria Unified School District had been quoting violent and militant scripture for weeks, despite the district’s attorney advising not to. But last meeting, they conspicuously halted… though Hill went out of her way to say—apropos of nothing—that she swore an oath to God, not the Constitution.

We don’t know exactly why Rooks and Hill appear to be on the defensive. It could have something to do with a letter they received from a major secular legal group.  

It could also have something to do with pressure from their colleagues. Member Melissa Ewing and Board President David Sandoval voiced unwavering support for separation of church and state.  

“I do want it noted that … there is separation of church and state, and … the advice has been given to all the board that we are not supposed to be reading verses,” Ewing said.

Sandoval reminded the board "reciting scripture at a board meeting on this side of the dais goes against the Establishment Clause."

These quotes came almost immediately after you asked them to stand up against quoting Bible verses. Reaching out to public officials works.

If you’re in the district, join us in sending President Sandoval and Member Ewing a thank you and words of encouragement for standing against religious indoctrination in public spaces.


Wins for Religious Privilege and Discrimination at Supreme Court

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This is a very dangerous proposition. If the religious have favored treatment, then the rest of us are second class citizens.

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