Peoria Unified School District board member Heather Rooks has been quoting Bible verses at meetings calling for the death of all non-Christians. Here’s another “funny” thing we stumbled on: she also follows neo-Nazis on Twitter. Here’s a shot of one of the accounts she likes. (“HH88” is a dog whistle meaning “Heil Hitler.”)

Rooks is also a big liker of posts by—and the ideology of—Moms For Liberty, the anti-LGBTQ+ extremist group that has been openly quoting Adolf Hitler.

She’ll be chairing the PUSD school board meeting next Thursday.

Rooks is wielding the gavel in the absence of (sensible) Board President David Sandoval.

As Rooks has shown little regard for and knowledge of school board procedure in the past—and the meeting typically brings out the worst in public comments—we’re bracing for a clown show.

What can you do? Show up to support non-Christian nationalist board members and oppose religious extremism.

The meeting is 7/13 at 6330 West Thunderbird Road, Glendale at 6PM. Anyone may attend and speak. Plan to speak if necessary, or just show your support by sitting in the gallery. Arrive early if possible to claim a seat and email us to let us know you’re coming so we can support one another there.


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