A favorite talking point by abortion ban proponents is that they don’t seek to attack pregnant women, but to "help" them.

Our Legal Director just publicly shredded this lie for the Capitol Times.

In the last two months alone, state laws have compelled women and children to give birth to babies without skulls; to carry their rapists' babies to term; and to go without medicine for arthritis and miscarriage because it could be used for abortion.

This is all part of a trend that goes back to long before the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade. It's time to get the word out... and then the vote.


Four weeks left to stop voucher expansion.

Activists are on track get the school voucher expansion referendum on the ballot… as long as they get all their petitions back!

If you’re carrying petitions, SOS Arizona needs you to make a plan to get them turned in!

If you’re not or haven’t signed one yet… what the heck are you waiting for? Find a petition hub or plug into the volunteer network here ASAP.

Meet the Candidates for Mesa Public Schools

Meet the candidates running for TUSD on Wed, Aug. 31st 6pm live on Facebook or Zoom here!

And see our Youtube channel for recent presentations, including every other candidate forum to date!

At the intersection of 1st and 14th

Join us Sept 2nd at 12pm for a virtual talk with Laura Portuondo: fellow with the Program for the Study of Reproductive Justice at Yale Law School, discusses the intersection of First and Fourteenth Amendment with respect to reproductive rights.


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