This is it. Will we keep $1 billion in secular public schools, or let Governor Ducey funnel it to private and religious schools instead?

There’s only one week left to sign the petition turning this matter over to voters.

Save Our Schools Arizona are looking to have petitions back this Monday so they can ensure they’re notarized and turned in by the state’s deadline.

If you haven’t signed yet, now is the time.

As SOSAZ Executive Director Beth Lewis explains: “Universal vouchers leave our taxpayer dollars ripe for fraud and abuse at the hands of extremist charlatans like Charlie Kirk and his radical Turning Point Academies (founded the same month as passage of Ducey’s voucher expansion). Using taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate children on bigotry and intolerance is not school choice – it’s dangerous.”

What can you do? Stop by a Save Our Schools AZ signing event ASAP!


Banned Books Week!

Next week, an Arizona bill goes into effect that allows religious conservatives to ban a plethora of books from public schools.

Appropriately, it’s also national Banned Books Week.

There are a few ways you can join in on the action:

  1. Watchdog: Are you noticing schools take certain books off shelves? Punishing teachers or students? Pay attention to the circumstances and let us know what’s going on.
  2. Get a shirt: Secular AZ is offering our snazzy “I Read Banned Books” shirt at a discount this week! Scoop one up. Funds support our work.
  3. Participate in Banned Books Week: Go to to learn how. Join live events, spread info about censorship, and more!

Catalina Foothills School District Candidate Forum!

We're hosting another opportunity to meet candidates for school board!

Join us Sept. 21st at 6:00pm to hear from candidates for Catalina Foothills School District Governing Board!

Register here.

Fixing the Framers' Failure, Continued

America began with the words “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” But the framers of our Constitution failed to live up to these words.
On Thursday Sept 22nd 6:30pm, we and Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix are continuing our weekly series exploring how and why. This week's session will focus on the 13th Amendment.
Join us on Zoom or in person at HSGP.

Christian Nationalism: the New Jim Crow

Sept. 23rd, 12pm, we'll hear from Dr. William Horne, co-founder and editor of The Activist History Review and an Arthur J. Ennis Postdoctoral Fellow at Villanova University. He'll discusses how the goals of Christian nationalism and white supremacy mix to promote a new "Jim Crow" era.

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