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Extremist bills could pass at the drop of a hat. You could be what stands in their way.

We're now three months into legislative session, still watching 68 bills of secular interest. Some we support. Most we oppose. Many are in legislative limbo. But the worst ones could get the votes they need to move to the Governor's desk any day now, without warning.

This includes bills forcing birth on women (SB1457), creating inequities in hospitals (HB2575), tearing down sex education (HB1456), and giving religious organizations dangerous powers over the law (HB2648).

We gave an insider's update on all these bills Friday, which you can watch here.

We're vying behind the scenes for the razor-thin margin of votes needed for these bills to either sink or swim. In many cases it will come down to the vote of a single lawmaker. But you are still in a position to make the biggest difference.

So what can you do?

1. Be ready to respond to and share notifications from us asking for ridiculously short-notice action.

2. Bolster our membership numbers. If any of these bills pass, then our last resort is the courts. And the more people Secular AZ officially represents in a lawsuit, the better. So join. Renew. Sponsor a friend. Stand with us.

As usual, we'll keep you posted on more developments. We're proud to represent you.

In Solidarity,

Tory Roberg
Director of Government Affairs

Secular Coalition for Arizona | PO Box 19258, Phoenix, AZ 85005

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