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Dear Supporters of Secular Government,

Is Doug Ducey really not sure whether to veto a bill that perpetuates bullying and violence against kids?

We were just brushing up on what the UN, UNESCO, and others have said about school-based violence. Their findings in a major report:

  • Children facing marginalization and discrimination (like LGBT and kids with HIV/AIDS) are at a heightened risk of school-related violence.
  • Two-thirds of LGBT students age 13-20 reported sexual harassment at U.S. schools.
  • 82% had been verbally harassed.
  • 38% had been physically harassed.

That’s horrifying. So what solutions do these groups recommend? A couple big ones:

  • Sex education that helps develop healthy, respectful relationships
  • Training and supervision for teachers to promote inclusivity and gender sensitivity.

Programs SB1456 would specifically ban.

So let’s be clear: SB1456 is a bill about keeping bullies empowered. And banning the very programs that protect the kids at risk.

A hate bill, plain and simple.

And it’s part of a pattern. Several bills are in play right now shielding child abusers and those who harm LGBTQ kids.

As SB1456 sits on the Governor’s desk, we face a significant moment in our stand against this agenda. Doug Ducey must decide right now whether Arizona stands with or against hate.

So please, if you haven’t responded to this latest call to action against SB1456, we’re imploring you: contact the Governor now. And make sure your friends do too.

It makes a difference. Seriously.

Thank you for standing together for our kids.

In Solidarity,

Tory Roberg
Director of Government Affairs

Secular Coalition for Arizona | PO Box 19258, Phoenix, AZ 85005

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